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New XL Magnetic Jack Puck for Rivian R1T & R1S FREE Shipping

$74.95 $109.95

NEW XL Magnetic Rivian Jack Puck with Twice the Lift (5.75" of lift)

Buy Today - Ship Today 6 Days a Week (M-F order by 3PM AZ time, Sat., by Noon AZ Time

The ultimate XL Magnetic Jack Puck with six (6) NdFeB aerospace grade high energy magnets, which locks onto the Rivian chassis.  The first and only high lift (5.75") magnetically coupled jack puck for the Rivian R1T and R1S.  RIVIAN Yellow Color. 

* More than 2x the Height of our Standard Pucks *

Q. Who is this for and why do I want this?

We designed this for two main purposes.  Firstly, this is for those who want the ability to high lift a wheel in an off-road setting, for an on the trail repair without removing the wheel from your Rivian.  This is for the guy/gal who gets a repairable flat or slow leak, which can be resolved with a tire plug.  Extra lift offers flexibility to get the wheel off the ground in odd terrain situations, so you can repair and re-air without taking the wheel off.  This has been done multiple times already.

Secondly, this is a road-side repair or tire replacements on the road. The extra lift allows for the Big Red 10T Bottle Jack to easily get either the front or rear wheel off the ground with ease.  

Q. Why did we build this?

Answer: Mainly our back country, off roaders, overlanding customers asked for this, so we have built a limited quantity.  I personally carry one Xl Magnetic Jack Puck and our Magnetic Jack Puck kit with me, along with a Big Red 10T bottle jack (Amazon). 

There is no better solution for a  tire/wheel change, single tire repair on road or off road. Couple this with our four (4) piece magnetic jack puck kit for the most professional solution for rotations, new tire installs and on vehicle repairs.  Designed to work with either a floor jack or the 10T Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack (as pictured).  

Locks into place magnetically, unlike others where you have to hold the puck in place with your hand, while you awkwardly center your jack and and hold the puck at the same time.   Simply, insert our high energy equipped XL puck and it will lock onto the chassis of your R1T or R1S and then you can use a bottle jack or floor jack for a high lift solution for the front or rear of your Rivian. 

Q: I only want to purchase one of your magnetic jack pucks and my floor jack has a maximum lift of less than 22". Should I purchase your standard puck or get the XL, as I know the rear wheels require more lift to get the tires off the ground..

A. You will need the XL puck, using the parameters from your question.  This will not only get the rears off the ground with a 19" lift floor jack, but also with the Big Red 10T Bottle Jack from Amazon as well. 

Question:  My Rivian has a spare tire and that includes a jack, base and plastic jack puck like contraption. Isn't this sufficient to do the job, instead of buying your magnetic jack pucks?

Answer: Our Rivians do not include all the necessary tools for the job. To properly lift your vehicle, you will need our Magnetic Jack Pucks. If your Rivian came with a spare tire, the picture below is the "Eiffel Tower Contraption" that they want you to use to fix a flat or take the wheel off.  You can see why, no-one utlizes that and why, we have sold thousands of our kits. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Rivian Contraption Below (borderline ridiculous)

Our Solution(s) Below (Floor Jack)

Bottle Jack (best on the road solution).  Game-Changer (below)


  • Six (6) NdFeB high energy rare earth magnets locks the XL puck right into place on your chassis.  We were first with magnets and we have more magnetic energy than anyone, full stop.
  • Multiple Lift Design: You can use a floor jack, bottle jack with integrated port (10T Big Red recommended), or a post style commercial lift. 
  • Grip Tech Tactile Engineered Rubber Caps with 56 high traction points, practically eliminates slippage.
  • Rivian Owner Designed: 100% designed and built by a Rivan R1T owner (Mar. 2022 delivery), so you're supporting a local just like you.
  • 5-Star Customer Support with 1000's of Rivian Magnetic Jack Puck Kits sold!
  • 6"+ Plus of Lift 
  • Free Shipping in the entire USA (Yes, Alaska and Hawaii) Canada a bit more

Swapping out a tire/wheel has never been easier with the XL Magnetic Jack Puck from JackPucks.com.  

We have also used the XL to do road side nail and screw repair without the wheel ever coming off the vehicle.  1. XL magnetic puck locks into place.  2. Lift the vehicle 2. Remove air from tire to repair  3. Remove nail or screw.  3. Insert a plug with the wheel still on the car.  4. Air up with onboard compressor. 5. Lower  and drive away.