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What Customers say about us

I purchased a set of four from another supplier, who I call the O-RING guys, because that is how they secure the lifting puck to our R1T. They simply don’t work well and are prone to the rubber o-ring degrading, cutting or simply not working at all. It’s hit-and-miss on the install and because the front two locations on the Rivian for the jack pucks have an extra metal plate, you cannot get those to work. They are worth every penny for $55 each or $200 for a set of four
Tony T. La Jolla
The magnetic jack puck locks into place with a snap and it's secure. Why this wasn't thought of before, who knows. Product is beautiful, works great and the service and shipping were ultra-fast! Mark who owns the business is a Rivian owner, so he knows exact what works. Highly recommended!
D White Arizona
I just happened across the forums when I saw the rare earth magnet jack puck from Mark! I could never get the o-ring version to work on the front of the truck. Frustating! The magnet-based design is pure genius and eliminates the dreaded rubber o-ring design of others. Look amazing too. Great customer service and communication from Mark!!
Stan W. Seattle
Thanks Mark! My set arrived today— they are as beautiful in person as the pictures on this thread! With a sweet case. Now I just need to put 5K on my new snow tires so I can rotate them!
Aaron K
Just got my Rivian Style jack pucks. Top notch, Mark!
Robert K.
Hey Mark! I don’t need anything, I actually wanted to know if there’s a place I can leave you a great review. The pucks I received worked great and I can’t imagine a better product for this use on the R1 vehicles.
Matt K.
To be honest my knowledge of cars is not the greatest, but the moment I took my R1S to the shop for a tire repair, I found out quickly I needed jack adapters. Called Mark to see if I could speak to a live body and bought the solution every Rivian owner needs. A++
Michael J, Landover, MD
I received a set of 4 on Monday (earlier than expected!) I will attest that these appear to be great quality even if likely overbuilt. Before these I have been using the standard manual jack that comes from the factory to do 5-tire rotations. The factory jack is adequate for use in a pinch but is not holding up to heavy use (already rotated 4 times and 1 lift per wheel =16 lifts) it's already quite worn. I recommend getting a set of these because using the factory jack or removing the bottom composite panels every time to put on a standard lift are both poor choices long term.
T from NY
I spoke with Mark from jackpucks.com and ordered the set of four. They arrived today and look great!
Miami Rivian
I had ordered a set of Jack Pucks some time ago but never really expected to need them. Fast forward to yesterday. I went to my local Discount Tires to have my tires rotated (7578 miles) and due to my misunderstanding of the Rivian Owners Manual directions, thought they had to remove the four areas of the underbody to get to the lift rails.

To my pleasant surprise, all they needed to do was pop out the four small covers and snap in the Jack Pucks! And I have the Reinforced Underbody Shield. It was fast and easy.

Color me surprised.
Bob - Oregon
I'm glad I waited for the best and Mark's product is simply that! Incredible customer service to boot. Everyone Rivian owner should have these.
Tom T. - Austin, TX
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