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Our Lowest Price Ever! GEN2 Magnetic Jack Puck Kit for Rivian R1T & R1S w/Zippered Case in Rivian Yellow or Radiant Red

$159.95 $240.00

Gen 2  Magnetic Jack Puck Kit for Rivian R1T & R1S. Volume Production Drives Prices Down!

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Rivian Yellow  & Radiant Red Available

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We're excited to release our much sought after RIVIAN YELLOW custom coated MagJAXX magnetic jack pucks to go along with our top selling Radiant Red pucks.  Over 5000 delivered, with a constant 5 Star Rating. 

Why do I need these? Doesn't my Rivian come with everything I need to change tires, rotate them or install new ones at my local Discount Tire (or my favorite shop or at home)?

Answer: Our Rivians do not include all the necessary tools for the job. To properly lift your vehicle, you will need our Magnetic Jack Pucks.

To change, rotate, or install new tires on your Rivian at a tire shop, at home or through your local repair facility, you'll need our Magnetic Jack Pucks. Your Rivian does not come with a complete toolkit for these tasks. Our Jack Pucks, designed by a fellow Rivian owner, provide the perfect solution.

Alternatively, you or your tire shop can remove multiple plastic panels and hardware to access the frame rail, but this approach risks damaging the plastic clips and/or losing the hardware. Rivian has simplified the process to lift the vehicle by providing four round access points on the frame, covered by removable plastic caps, which serve as lift points. Our Jack Pucks, equipped with rare earth high-energy magnets, easily attach to these ports, making tire tasks a breeze. They are an essential tool for every Rivian owner.

Crafted with precision, our Jack Pucks complement your Rivian, surpassing expectations in design, performance, packaging, and our exceptional service. Our Gen2 pucks (coming under our trademarked MagJAXX name) offer some significant enhancements. 

1. Grip Tech Cap : Removable high traction rubber cap with 48 tactile anti-slip contact points. The goal was a limited slip, grippable, removable cap that offered a robust and durable type of rubber with a specific durometer. We nailed it on the first go! Grippy in your hand and the caps help preserve the 'art-work-beauty' (a few have said that) of the pucks as well.

Our Grip Tech Caps ensure that the pucks stay securely in place on flat surfaces, even under pressure. This feature is especially beneficial for floor jacks and flat metal commercial lifts as it reduces the risk of vehicle or puck slippage. The new caps are also compatible with Gen 1 pucks, making it easy to retrofit (available separately). 

2. Intergrated Bottle Jack Port (1.30" dia.)

After six months of successful use on my personal R1T, it was time to introduce our GEN2 magnetic jack pucks with a bottle jack port to the Rivian owning community as an essential product.

During our testing phase, we experimented with multiple bottle jacks and carefully calibrated the machined port on the bottom of the pucks to perfectly accommodate a 10T Hydraulic Bottle Jack.  Any bottle jack with a top hat diameter of 1.3" or less will fit our pucks.  We recommend "The Big Red 10 Ton Bottle JACK by Torin", which is readily available on Amazon for easy purchase. The higher tonnage of the Torin jack effortlessly lifts an R1 vehicle, while the beveled leading edge on the port ensures smooth and precise self-centering of your MagJAXX puck on the bottle jack, optimizing efficiency during operation. An added benefit is that the Torin bottle jack conveniently fits perfectly under the rear seat of the R1T, making it a practical choice for roadside tire changes.  

Furthermore, our Gen 2 pucks are designed to seamlessly work with various existing 6T and 8T hydraulic bottle jacks, providing versatility and convenience for Rivian owners.  Note: The front two wheels are easily lifted off the ground with the Big Red 10T and a single puck.  The rear suspenions has extra travel (droop), which will require either the stacking of two pucks (for added lift) or RV jack pads (yellow pictured) or a 2" high block of your choosing. We carry the kit shown below in our R1 vehicle.


 With Gen 1 we offered the industries first Magnetic Coupled Jack Puck Adapter for Rivian R1T and R1S. The must-have tool for your vehicle with thousands sold, replacing traditional O-ring pucks, and offers free shipping in the lower 48 states. With glowing reviews calling it "world-class" and "light years ahead of others," the Magnetic Jack Puck is used by members of major Rivian owner forums for a reason.

Our Magnetic Coupled Jack Puck provides a secure and efficient solution for tire and wheel maintenance, with more magnetic energy for increased holding power. It fits any standard floor jack and is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with a red anodized finish. The included zippered and padded case makes storage easy.

Precision designed and manufactured in-house by an original Rivian R1T owner, our Magnetic Coupled Jack Puck snaps into place on the steel under plating of your vehicle, eliminating the need for O-rings. 

Ideal accessory to change a flat tire on your Rivian R1T or R1S. Enjoy free shipping in the lower 48 US states.  Our magnetic jack pucks will ensure you or anyone lifting your Rivian R1T or R1S for anytype of service related to the tires and wheels always have the right tool for the job.

One of the first thing I learned in owning my Rivian R1T (since March of 2022), is that you cannot change a tire, rotate your tires, or even buy new tires and install them without Jack Pucks.  So, I designed in Solid Works the perfect solution and then built an amazing padded case to support the product.  Simply hand the kit to your tire center and let them take care of everything.     

Highlights: (Gen 2 offers all the benefits of Gen 1 with significant product enhancements and safety) 
  • GEN 2 MagJAXX (new trademarked branding)
  • Grip Tech Sticky Rubber Cap with 48 Traction Points of Contact
  • Reduces slippage of the pucks on any flat metal surfaces
  • Removable cap that protects the puck
  • Integrated Bottle Jack Port makes roadside tire changes a breeze
  • Works with floor jacks, commercial tire lifts, hydraulic bottle jacks
  • The most comprehensive magnetic jack puck in existence
  • GEN 1 Design (also included in Gen 2)
  • Original Magnetic Jack Puck for Rivian R1T and R1S Vehicles
  • More magnetic energy means MORE holding power than other offerings
  • Magnetic Designs LOCKS the pucks in place (no more o rings)
  • Works with any standard floor jack and all commercial vehicle lifts
  • Taller than the other brands (offers more lift to get tires off the ground)
  • Machined in 6061-T6 aluminum and Red Anodized
  • Fits Rivian R1T and R1S vehicles and stores easily under the rear seat
  • Most protective case in the industry
  • Free shipping in the lower 48 States (USA)
  • Canada ordering open

What you will receive:

(4) MagJAXX Magnetic Jack Puck

(1) Padded Highly Protective Zippered Case

Additional Reading: We machined ports into our aluminum pucks and then secured a set of five (5) primary NdFeB (rare earth) magnets onto the ports. You simply insert the puck into the OEM port location and listen for the SNAP as it is secured to your vehicle. O-rings pucks are eliminated. 

Most tire installation shops use a post style lift, which will require four (4) Pucks. Free shipping in all 50 US States. 

Canadian Orders: Please note that any customs charges, duties, etc., are the responsibility of the purchaser.  We do not control cross border fee's, etc., so that one is on you guys.  

Wholesale Opportunities are available. Email hello@jackpucks.com for details.