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No. 1 Selling Magnetic Jack Puck Kit for Rivian R1T & R1S w/Zippered Case in Rivian Yellow or Radiant Red

$134.95 $199.95

No. 1 Selling Magnetic Jack Puck Kit

Commercial 5-Magnet Design

Must Have For ALL Rivian R1T & R1S Vehicles

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Over 5000 delivered, with a constant 5 Star Rating.  

Why do I need these? Doesn't my Rivian come equipped to handle tire changes, rotations, or new installations at Discount Tire, my preferred shop, or even at home?

Response: Unfortunately, our Rivians don't come fully equipped with all the necessary tools for these tasks. To properly perform tire rotations, install new tires, or make road side repairs, you'll need our Magnetic Jack Puck Kit (comprising 4 pucks per kit) to safely lift your vehicle.

Question: I'm not a car person, just let me know what to buy for my Rivian (R1S or R1T) so I can have my tires rotated or replaced. 

Response:  This is the kit you need. Place it in your cart and purchase.  

Question: I see the XL Jack Puck, should I get this too and why?

Response: If you will take your R1S or R1T off road then yes, purchase the XL along with this kit and you are fully covered.  If you purchase them together, use discount code: 'XL Combo' for $10 off. 

Question: My Rivian came with a spare tire kit, which includes the OEM tire change setup featuring a large plastic lifting device (puck). Why should I invest in your magnetic jack puck kit? Am I overlooking something?

Response: Actually, you still require our kit! While technically you could utilize Rivian's supplied kit (for one wheel/tire only), it's a subpar solution, and you only receive one and your Rivian requires four (4) to do the job properly. Rivian's approach to tire changes isn't exactly ideal—they provide what some users refer to as the "Eiffel Tower Contraption" pictured below. It's understandable why many opt for our kit instead; the image speaks volumes.

Moreover, accessing and utilizing the OEM tools can be quite cumbersome. Just take a look at the setup below: a bulky piece of plastic where you're supposed to place a scissors jack on top, with the top plastic piece acting as the contraption that attaches to the vehicle. It's no wonder our customers prefer our solution.

OEM Rivian Contraption Below 

Our Solution(s) Below (Floor Jack)

Bottle Jack (best on the road solution).  Game-Changer (below)


First Magnetic Jack Puck (highest energy by far)

  • No. 1 Seller in the USA and Canada
  • Floor jack compliant
  • Commercial vehicle lift compliant
  • Bottle Jack compliant
  • Anti-Slip Grip Tech Cover w/48 Traction Points (sticky traction)
  • Aesthetically pleasing (Rivian Yellow or Radiant Red)
  • Air Plane Quality Protective Case (fits neatly under rear seat in R1T or in the rear storage compartment in the R1S)
  • Professional and affordable solution for R1T and R1S
  • Rivian Owner Designed: 100% designed by a Rivian R1T owner (Mar. 2022 delivery), so you're supporting a local just like you.
  • Free Shipping in all 50 States

To easily change, rotate, switch to winter tires, or install new ones on your Rivian—whether at a tire shop, at home, or through your local repair facility—you'll want to have our Magnetic Jack Pucks on hand. These were meticulously crafted by a fellow Rivian owner to offer the perfect solution.

Alternatively, you or your tire shop could opt to remove several plastic panels and hardware to access the frame rail. However, this method comes with the risk of damaging the plastic clips or misplacing the hardware. Rivian has simplified this process by integrating four round access points on the frame, each covered by removable plastic caps acting as lift points. Our magnetic jack pucks are specifically designed to fit into these locations.  Our customers consider our kit an essential accessory.

1. Grip Tech Cap : The removable high traction rubber cap boasts 48 tactile anti-slip contact points, providing a secure grip both in your hand and when securing the puck on your lifting device. This unique feature sets us apart from other manufacturers. It's particularly advantageous for floor jacks and flat metal commercial lifts, significantly reducing the risk of vehicle or puck slippage. Additionally, these new caps are fully compatible with Gen 1 pucks, simplifying the retrofitting process (available separately).

2. Intergrated Bottle Jack Port (1.30" dia.)

After six months of successful use on my personal R1T, it was time to introduce our GEN2 magnetic jack pucks with a bottle jack port to the Rivian owning community as an essential product.

Our pucks accommodate any bottle jack with a top hat diameter of 1.3" or less. We highly recommend "The Big Red 10 Ton Bottle JACK by Torin," readily available on Amazon for convenient purchase. The higher tonnage of the Torin jack effortlessly lifts an R1 vehicle. Moreover, the beveled leading edge on the port ensures smooth and precise self-centering of your MagJAXX puck on the bottle jack, optimizing efficiency during operation. An additional benefit is that the Torin bottle jack conveniently fits perfectly under the rear seat of the R1T or under the compartment in the back of the R1S, making it a practical choice for roadside tire changes.

Note: The Big Red 10T effortlessly lifts the front two wheels off the ground with just a single puck. However, the rear suspension boasts additional travel (droop), necessitating either the stacking of two pucks for added lift or the use of RV jack pads (as pictured in yellow), or a 2" high block of your preference..


One of the initial lessons I learned since owning my Rivian R1T (March 2022) is the necessity of Jack Pucks for tasks like tire changes, rotations, or purchasing and installing new tires. Consequently, I designed the perfect solution using Solid Works, and further crafted an exceptional padded case to complement the product. Simply hand over the kit to your tire center, and they'll handle everything seamlessly.

What you will receive:

(4) MagJAXX Magnetic Jack Pucks

(1) Padded Highly Protective Zippered Case

Note: While it only requires a 19" lift floor jack to get the rear tire 1" off the ground, if you have not purchased a floor jack yet, here are our recommendations. 

We use either the Harbor Freight 24 1/4" lift 3T Daytona or the Harbor Freight 29 1/16" lift Badlands Off Road Floor Jack.  

Many tire installation shops utilize a post-style lift, necessitating four (4) Pucks. Enjoy free shipping in all 50 US States.

For Canadian Orders: Please note that any customs charges, duties, etc., are the responsibility of the purchaser. We do not control cross-border fees, etc., so that one is on you guys and gals.

Warranty: We guarantee the operating characteristics of our magnetic jack pucks for the lifetime of the original purchaser. These are automotive tools, so they may incur dings, scratches, and coatings may chip or come off. While we cannot warranty the appearance, rest assured they will function as intended.

Wholesale Opportunities are available. Email hello@jackpucks.com for details.